Chico Q. Camargo

Professor no departamento de Ciências da Computação da Universidade de Exeter

Artigos revisados por pares

Chico Q. Camargo, Jonathan Bright, Graham McNeill, Sridhar Raman, Scott A. Hale. Estimating Traffic Disruption Patterns with Volunteered Geographic Information. Nature Scientific Reports 10.1 (2020): 1-8.

Chico Q. Camargo, Ard A. Louis. Boolean Threshold Networks as Models of Genotype-Phenotype Maps. Complex Networks XI. Springer, Cham, 2020. 143-155.

Chico Q. Camargo. New methods for the steady-state analysis of complex agent-based models. Frontiers in Physics 8 (2020): 103.

Chico Q. Camargo, Jonathan Bright, Scott A. Hale. Diagnosing the performance of human mobility models at small spatial scales using volunteered geographic information. Royal Society Open Science, 6(11) (2019): 191034.

Guillermo Valle-Pérez, Chico Q. Camargo, Ard A. Louis. Deep learning generalizes because the parameter-function map is biased towards simple functions. Proceedings of the International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), 2019.

Guillermo Valle-Pérez, Chico Q. Camargo, Ard A. Louis. Tight PAC-Bayesian generalization error bounds for deep learning. ICML workshop on Understanding and Improving Generalization in Deep Learning, 2019.

Manlio De Domenico, Dirk Brockmann, Chico Q. Camargo, Carlos Gershenson, Daniel Goldsmith, Sabine Jeschonnek, Lorren Kay, Stefano Nichele, José Nicolás, Thomas Schmickl, Massimo Stella, Josh Brandoff, Ángel José Martı́nez Salinas, Hiroki Sayama. Complexity Explained: A Grassroot Collaborative Initiative to Create a Set of Essential Concepts of Complex Systems. DOI: 10.17605/, 2019.

Kamaludin Dingle, Chico Q. Camargo, Ard A. Louis. Input-output maps are strongly biased towards simple outputs. Nature Communications, 9.1 (2018): 761.

Em revisão

Chico Q. Camargo, Scott A. Hale, Peter John, Helen Z. Margetts. Measuring the volatility of the political agenda in public opinion and news media. Under review at Public Opinion Quarterly.

Felix M. Simon and Chico Q. Camargo. Are We Really Living in an Infodemic? Deconstructing a Buzzword. Under review at HKS Misinformation Review.

Outros textos

Chico Q. Camargo. YouTube’s algorithms might radicalise people – but the real problem is we’ve no idea how they work, The Conversation, 2020.

Chico Q. Camargo. A ciência brasileira está com a corda no pescoço. E daí? [Brazilian science is in dire straits. So what?] Huffpost Brazil, 2018.

Chico Q. Camargo. Onde estão as patentes brasileiras? [Where are all the Brazilian patents?], Huffpost Brazil, 2018.

Chico Q. CamargoPhysics makes rules, evolution rolls the dice. Book review. Science, 2018.